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“First Time” Stories June 18, 2007

Posted by lessthanminimum in Personal Stories.

Alot of people have great stories of their first time at Dirty Frank’s.

Leave a comment telling us your first time story.

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1. John - June 28, 2007

The first experience I had with Frank’s was in the early 90’s when a bunch of friends and I did Shrooms and decided to find the nearest dive to ‘expand’ the experience. We found ourselves at Franks and I spent the night next to a guy with an eye patch drinking very cheap beer. In other words…I was home. Things are different these days, but I’ll never forget my first time at Franks.

2. Jhon - June 30, 2007

My first time my friend took me down back streets to get there so I couldn’t find it again for weeks. Finally someone took pity on me and told me the address!

Had multiple glasses of rum and coke and talked to my friend for hours. It was so laid back, no pretense. Instant feeling of acceptance and general ease.

Didn’t go for several years, then about 4 years ago decided to check it out. It was like no time had passed. Same bartenders, same decorations, same regulars on the barstools.

The art is beautiful, the people are nice, the drinks are strong and cheap, what else could you want in a bar?

3. Alex Phillips - January 21, 2009

Met my good friend Ti at Dirty Franks about 12-13 years ago, he was a young and handsome kid with dreds. He is a brilliant and storied individual who is fond of the drink as I am. We had many conversations, solving many of the world’s problems as the
night wore on. Ti has since disappeared into the woodwork, and I miss our times together, our conversations, our shared warmth, love the kid!

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